Changing the DNA of Fulton County. Fulton County H.O.P.E's , based in Rochester, IN, mission is striving to be the driving force in providing awareness and education to the residents of Fulton County regarding resources as well as provide pathways to accessing those resources.Our purpose is to highlight resources available in the areas of Youth Family, Poverty and Substance Use and Mental Health and to connect individuals to those resources.


The Little Shirt that could!

Thank you for helping us, help you, help others #breakthementalhealthstigma. Your gift to this non-profit will help equalize access to mental health intervention services within Fulton County, IN. This shirt supports mental health aid training through Purdue University for the volunteers of the Fulton County Mental Health Task Force established by Fulton County H.O.P.E.


Our gift to you includes:

  • #sharethebrainbow Sticker

  • #covid19connected: BELLA+CANVAS ® Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve.

  • Random Act of Kindness

  • Social Connection

Fulton County Hope Connection

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