My Mindful Life Vest

I decided to go on a boat ride with my friend, but I really need to think. I have too much going on in my mind, but I find comfort knowing my friend is there to just sit with me.

On the boat I am able to concentrate while being surrounded by the serene atmosphere. As I try to get my life into order I listen to the birds, the wind blowing the trees, and enjoy the warm sun shining on me.

The sway of the boat in the water relaxes me, like when a mother rocks a baby. I lean up agains the boat's edge and all of the unscramble puzzle pieces in my head representing my problems start to form a solution.

I need to figure everything out on my own, and I know the advice my friend wants to give me is not what I want to hear. All the same I know as she stares at the ducks, she is thinking how badly she wants to tell me the solution to my problem. Still, she sits by me as I figure it out myself.

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