My Mental Health Mountain

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

It started with a call from the universe to stop ignoring the traumas of my dark and stormy past.

"But, silly girl, you don't have real problems; you're pretty, young, thin, and white. What do you know about true suffering?"Well, that's what they say anyway.

Even still, there is a truth longing to be understood. And you know what Oprah says, "If you don't listen to whispers, God will throw a brick in your face."In every adult life there comes a point when even we need a TIME OUT.

For me, the last few years have felt nothing short of the agony Marv experiences while "eating bricks" during the infamous robbing of the McCallister household. In my story too, the lesson learned is that of gratefulness for the everyday love we miss while our minds are distracted by what's NOT important. #classic Recognition and immersion of the opportunities for human connection and finding love for yourself is the fuel to such an arduous climb up Mental Health Mountain. Even science says so!

When you stop to cast a proudful reflection (Look at that personal growth!) on the journey thus far, it makes sense to ask oneself: "To continue alone...or...Find some like-minded friends to enrich the journey?". A necessary part of processing trauma is talking about your trauma. What I see is the beauty that could be missed if we don't seize the opportunity to share our "climber stories and journeys"up the mountain together. Though paths taken may differ they all still lead to one place, the top. And I've heard the view is best served with a side of human connection. Even science says so!

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