What is my Hedonic Adaptation?

As two friends finished up their morning walk one woman said to the other,

"I always make a bigger deal of things than they need to be."

The other responded, "Oh don't be so hard on yourself, we all do that."

The good thing is that consouling (get it ;) for this fictitious storyteller can be found in science. One thing we all have in common as humans is the neurological process of how our brains receive uncertain information and the havoc it reeks on our emotional "balance". Our good ole hedonic adaptation is the "roller coaster" of emotions we feel when we have fearful feelings amidst the tunnel of darkness; and on the opposite end, the abundantly happy moments we seek to constantly maintain. Staying on the straight and narrow can help if we find comfort in knowing there is an x-axis to return to at the end of our emotional peaks and valleys. Understanding, identifying, and navigating back to this cerebral state of being is essential to mitigating stress & anxiety and can only be learned through self-care.

So, stop, breath, and take a moment for gratitude. Your brain will thank you!

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