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Art programs around the country are struggling for funding, even though it is proven to help with mood balance and cognitive function. Though the vessels for art expression continue to close, the artists continue to create. View pandemic inspired art in our Mental Health Virtual Gallery on our blog, or Visit our Shop to participate in the Gift-for-a-Gift Campaign to support art education.

"It has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Research has proven the arts develop neural systems that produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance." Thomas Andrew Findlay  

Help us, help you, help others imitate Oscar Award Winning Cinematic Adventures by providing an image & title of your most recent art piece and a short description following the what, why, how format to donate to the Art Awareness campaign. The piece will be sold support 100% art education.

Send your contact and art piece information and files to:


View our SHOP and purchase a piece of art, select from a curated list of #Covid19Connected Art Partners to where the donation goes! 

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