Did you know Social Connection is the 1st line of defense for our Immune Health?

This is a turnkey t-shirt Trauma Relief Fundraiser to provide the social connection and mental education needed to restore humanity back to the melting pot it once was.

Join our #covid19connectedcrew in our pursuit to equalize access to research based mental health education resources.


Help us, Help You, Help Others by shopping for a mental health education initiative from on or our non-profit partners you would like to support! 

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Let’s Go Around the Feeling!

Easy-Speaking Neuro Talks of our featured #covid19connectedcrew on how our brains process stress & anxiety.  Using the BBC Broadcast Format “Round the Horn" the Horne, Brainbow, and the COVID Oratory will hash out their feelings and learn how to build better maps to aid thwarting your hedonic adaptation. Don’t forget your version of a quarantini, and to gather in a quarantinely fashion! 

Podcast: Join The Tan & J-Man as they interview youth athletes around the country on the mental health journey through the loss of their sports, scholarships, and comradery . 

Mental Health Blog: Everyone's got a mountain to climb & everyone needs a map to guide them to the top. Scroll, Skim, and Engage with our 2-Minute Memoirs on mental health journeys, the science behind those journeys, and the artful expression on the otherside. Visit our Blog & Virtual Art Gallery for stories & artwork collected from the #covid19connectedcrew. #wedothistogether

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Express Yo Self!


Art programs around the country are struggling for funding, even though it is proven to help with mood balance and cognitive function. Art is constantly around us, but it is our job to pause for a moment and see beauty in the ordinary, to see color where others see black and white. Scroll, Skim, and Engage with original pandemic art by original artists in our Virtual Gallery. Collect and Contribute when you participate in #covid19connected Gift-for-a-Gift Campaign to support art education programs.

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View the #covid19connectedcrew sing, dance, and play their troubles away with their artistic outlet in our tik tok tribute way of welcoming new sponsors and mental health education non-profit partner aboard our #startalovetrain movement. 

Podcast: Join the #covid19connectedcrew as they share their mental health journey through their artistic expressions and the trauma they processed as they literally, danced, sang, and played their troubles away,

"worries and anxiety about covid-19 and its impact can be overwhelming. social distancing makes it even more challenging."

~Mayo Clinic